2011 Final Redistricting Maps


The Final Aldermen Ward Map may be viewed here.  Individual ward maps may be found on the Aldermen page.

Every 10 years the United States completes a Census of Population and Housing. The purpose of the Census is to get an accurate count of the population of the United States while also gathering various household and demographic information. With the release of the release of Census data it becomes necessary for states, counties and municipalities to evaluate and update voting districts. The City of Hendersonville has recently completed the process of redistricting the city Ward boundaries. Hendersonville has 6 total wards with 2 aldermen being elected from each ward.

The process of redistricting the wards began with an evaluation of the existing wards based on the 2010 Census data. The 2010 population of the City of Hendersonville was 51,372. This population results in an ideal population for each ward of 8,562 (total population divided by number of wards). The existing wards for the City of Hendersonville ranged in population from 6,171 (Ward 2) to 11,864 (Ward 5).

There are several standards that should be kept in mind in drafting a redistricting plan. First, the wards should be as near as equal in population as possible. Second, the wards should be compact. Third, the ward boundaries should be easily defined and recognizable. With these standards in mind, a draft plan was created by the Planning Department.

The populations of the wards in the draft plan ranged from 8,335 (Ward 2) to 8,804 (Ward 6). This represented a deviation of only 5.48% between the smallest and the largest ward.

The draft plan was reviewed by the General Committee and ultimately adopted by the Board of Mayor and Aldermen on October 11, 2011. 



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