Walton Ferry Elementary Safe Routes to Schools Sidewalk Project

The City of Hendersonville has been awarded a grant from the Tennessee Department of Transportation in the amount of $192,555 to construct 0.3 mile of sidewalk from Morris Drive north to Jennings in the Hawkins Middle School area.  The project also includes a pedestrian bridge.  This will be an extension of the existing sidewalk / trail which runs from Walton Ferry Elementary School past Windstar Bay and Chesapeake Harbor to Morris Drive.  Hendersonville was 1 of only 10 cities in Tennessee selected to share in the $1.6 million program.

The announcement from the Governor's Office can be found here.

A project timetable may be found here.

A map of the project may be viewed here.

This grant program is called the Safe Routes to School Program and is designed to increase opportunities for children to walk and bike to school.  The exercise improves the health of our children while the reduced car traffic reduces congestion and pollution.  More importantly, this section of Walton Ferry is very dangerous for children to walk on as there is no shoulder.  The sidewalk will eliminate this safety hazard.

This is a project the City could not fund on its own.  The grant provides 100% funding. 

The City of Hendersonville Public Works Department’s continuing expansion of sidewalks near schools improves access for safe pedestrian routes to schools, walkers, and opportunities for citizens to access these areas without driving. Access over Drake’s Creek with the sidewalks designed into the bridge for Saundersville Road additional improves emergency access to Whitten Elementary School. Additional sidewalk has been placed in the sub-divisions near Ellis Middle School, Gene Brown Elementary School, and near Hendersonville High School. These were all in the Phase 1 section of the sidewalk plan which is now completed with final access and trailhead connection to the greenway trail. Trailheads are usually in the floodplain.   As these areas have been prone to flooding over the last 10 years, these have all been designed structurally to withstand full flooding and require minimal work to reopen. This saves the Parks Department much time and money to be able to reopen the parks for use after such an event.

                 Saundersville_Road_at_Whitten_Sidewalk.jpg                                    Saundersville_Road_Sidewalk_Bridge_Connection.jpg

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